Service on the Move

Created to provide a workstation right by the job location.

WM System has come up with a range of products that let you mobilise your equipment, saving time and generating new business opportunities. WM System solutions are the basis for a mobile, multi-function workstation, enabling a whole range of services.


DYNAMIC machines
Mobile workstation equipped with compressed air and electricity

DYNAMIC modules
Built to the customer’s specifications, they couple to DYNAMIC and can take tools of all kinds

WM FLEXY carts
Mobile carts built in all sizes depending on the customer’s needs

Made to measure, quick to open and lightweight, they allow work in all weather conditions, with shelter from sun and rain

Van internal fittings
Floor, panelling, hooks, load retainer rails, bulkhead and wheel arch covers. Custom-made for carts and DYNAMIC

Locking system
For fixing goods and carts to the side walls and floor of the vehicle

Loading ramps
For easy loading and unloading of carts and DYNAMIC on the vehicle

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I vantaggi di

un servizio in mobilità

The most convenient, safest working conditions are provided at all times. The time needed to get material from the van and take it to the job location is wiped out. Saving time means saving money.

The van is free at all times: the workstation is separate from the van, which can be used for other purposes.

You can check the weight loaded on the van to ensure legal compliance. With a pallet truck with integral scale, total weight can be monitored at any time.

The system enables optimal planning of jobs.
The material needed can be prepared the evening before, for really smooth operation.

You create a workstation as close as possible to the job location: option of mobile working, with complete freedom.

Carts are prepared with the material needed for the specific job.
You only take with you what you really need.

The system can be used by electricians, interior decorators, plumbers, vehicle mechanics, car body repair workshops, florists, cleaning contractors and logistics and service companies, and can easily be converted for leisure, too.

Depending on the chosen van, up to 2 carts and 1 equipped Dynamic can be loaded on the same vehicle.
Tests show that a cart weighs 20-30 kg and a Dynamic 560 kg when empty.

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WM System offers solutions that give you the freedom to convert your vehicle to the service you want to deliver, transforming your van into a multiutility tool.
From job to job, from work vehicle to leisure vehicle.